Miku Wig (Green) from Vocaloid

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  • Vocaloid Miku Hatsune Cosplay
  • The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product

CDN$ 97.02

Length 120cm
Material heat resisting fiber wig
Processing Time 4-6 business days
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Miku 05-20 14:19
Hey so I havnt gotten the wig and it has been 5 days! Does it usually come by normal mail or UPS?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-20 21:17

Hello, about your order status, please contact us through http://www.cosplayfu.com/support/, our teammates will check for you once we receive your ticket. 
Miku 05-15 16:30
I'm sooooo excited for this wig to come! It seems this wig is very good thanks! And does this wig come with a head cap and a stand?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-15 22:04

Hello Miku, o(≧ω≦)o Thanks for your message & support, you really appreciate CosplayFU team! It'll be sooo great if you can share few cosplay photos with all CosplayFU members worldwide~~~And the head cap and a stand aren't including. If you want to buy, you can contact us. n_n

Neko 06-11 04:47
Do you sell this wigs for kids ? lets say , about a girl 6 years old ??

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 06-11 12:55

Hello Neko, if you want a smaller size wig then please submit a Support Ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammates help you directly. n_n
Nicole 05-18 01:15
Do you guys have a shop in KL so I can go there myself ??

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-18 03:03

Hello Nicole, we are sorry we  do not have physical store.
yuki ojamaki 03-03 03:22
Hello , i have two question The wig is actually 130cm long? I want to have this wig in blue-green, with the same length, is that possible?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-03 04:05

Hello yukim, yes, the wig is 130cm.  Do you mean this Miku Wig (Blue Green) from Vocaloid ?  That one is about 120cm.  n_n
Alanna 02-17 13:24
Hello my friend needs this wig BEFORE(like 2 days) March 15. Would it be able to be shipped to Rolla, Missouri in the United States by then?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 02-18 01:05

Hello Alanna, this wig can be ready within 1 week, and if your friend order now and choose faster shipping (e.g. USPS, 7-15 days shipping time), it can reach your friend on time. n_n   *All shipping information (methods, cost & expected delivered date) will be shown in order page, before payment.
XxHEroXx 08-27 23:57
hi question how much is this in the Philippines?and is there another shade of the wig? cause i seen some hatsune wigs with two different colors. thanks

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-28 22:26

Hello,it depends on the current exchange rate.How about this one:http://www.cosplayfu.com/product/Miku+Wig+%28HML%29+from+Vocaloid
sweetcupcakegirl101 08-02 19:48
ok another question do the pigtales come off?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-02 23:10

The pigtales are clips.
sweetcupcakegirl101 08-02 15:25
What ever happened to the longer wigs with the pigtails would come off?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-02 23:11

The pigtales are clips.
sonnikku 07-27 15:16
how long is this? I am 4foot 9inches. can you make it longer? thanks for answering! ;)

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-27 23:26

Hello. The wig is about 130cm long.
AyShanxT 05-21 12:05
Could the color be change to a shade closer to blue?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-22 21:55

Hello. Yes, it could. Please contact our support center.
vivia 03-12 20:01
hello I wonder what the real value out of curiosity I live in Brazil and I know not calculate the interest and the other light blue wig be able to answer me I am grateful

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-14 05:00

If you have any questions, feel free to submit your ticket at the" Support Center"
Crissie 10-15 08:56
I was wondering How long it will take to ship this item to belgium. ^^

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-16 03:59

Hello,Crissie. Thanks for your support. We offer free shipping to worldwide by Hongkong Post.It takes 15-20 business days to reach you after shipment. If you want it reaches earlier, you can change a faster shipping way. Shipping will be shown to you after you click"buy it now" and before you make payment.
Gemma 10-13 19:09
Hi i was just wondering how much this cost in UK currency

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-14 21:46

Hello Gemma, it's £ 48.51, you can order it at our UK site here: http://www.cosplayfu.co.uk/product/Miku+Cosplay+Wig+Separate+from+Vocaloid/
Joe Mullins 09-04 20:03
Hello there. I was just wondering where this hatsune Miku wig is being shipped from.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 09-06 00:53

Hello,Joe. Thanks for your support. We ship it from Hongkong,China.
Abby 07-27 21:59
Hello: I am interested in buying the Miku Hatsune cosplay wig, however, I am located in Canada. Would it be possible for you to inform me about previous clearing charges, and how to avoid them if possible? Cheers, Abra Lenchner

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-27 23:50

Hello,Abby.Thanks for your support. Could you please submit your ticket through http://www.cosplayfu.com/support/?
tori 07-04 16:02
hi, im wondering how much money and how long it would take to be shipped to canada because im going to be miku hatsune for halloween

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-04 21:19

Hello,tori.Thanks for your support. We offer free shipping to worldwide by Hongkong Post. It will take 15-20 business days after we ship it. If you want it reach you earlier, you may choose a faster shipping method. The shipping methods will be shown in the order form after you click 'Buy it now' and before you make payment.
jane 05-23 19:07

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-23 23:06

Hello,Jane. Thanks for your support.
jane 05-15 06:08
it is a very good lenth but you know when you say it is sometimes a slightly different colour than the picture is this either more greeny or more darky turquoise

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-16 21:55

Hello, Jane. Thanks for your support. It may be a little dark.
Sophie 05-08 09:51
Hi, im just wondering how long it would take for this item to be shipped to the UK and how much it would cost for the shipping?? Thanks!!:)

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-08 19:39

Hi Sophie, we provide free shipping (HongKong Post) for all items, it takes about 15-20 working days to reach UK; so it may reach you in early June; you may pay extra shipping fee to change a faster shipping method. The shipping methods will be shown in the order form after you click 'Buy it now' and before you make payment.
Moeina Badereddine 04-23 21:15
Hello, My name is Moeina Badereddine, i have spoken to someone on your youtube channel, my screen name was maire1996, I was wondering what is the price for the miku hatsune wig? and if i can. I dont live in the US so for shipping would it cost me more? plz contact me I would like to keep in contact with prices and sales. ~Moeina Badereddine

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-25 23:58

Hello, Moeina. Thanks for your support. It is 69.3USD, including shipping fee by Hongkong Post or China Post. We offer shipping method to worldwide.
Yuu 06-25 12:31
I would like to see a photography of this wig in which the sticker of Cosplay fu appears, if it's posible. Thank you!^_^

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-03 10:39

Hello Yuu, thanks for you review. We've updated the photo.

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