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2020-09-23 02:53
Hello, can this costume be made? I need skirt and shirt

CosplayFu ( 09-23 20:30

2020-09-21 10:51
Can this be made as well?

CosplayFu ( 09-21 20:18

2020-09-16 16:30
Can this also be made?

CosplayFu ( 09-16 20:23

2020-09-15 14:33
Can this be made? Top, skirt, pants.

CosplayFu ( 09-15 20:55

2020-09-15 02:19
Hello, can this wig be made? Dark blue with two buns. Arrival of Spring is the name of the skin for this character where she has her hair like this

CosplayFu ( 09-15 22:13

2020-09-14 17:11
Here's how the length of the Silver Bow replica from Kid Icarus Uprising should be: 78 centimeters

CosplayFu ( 09-14 20:35

2020-09-13 17:45
Can this swimsuit be made?

CosplayFu ( 09-13 20:28

2020-09-13 15:39
Hello, how are you today? I must say, it's been a while since I suggested different cosplay props for you to build but I decided to stop and give you a break for a long time. But anyway, I think I have another prop suggestion for you and I'm ready to say it.
I would like a replica of the weapon called the Silver Bow from the Nintendo 3DS game, Kid Icarus Uprising to be made. Here's the link that tells you about the appearance and how it's used in the game:
Also, here are the image links.

CosplayFu ( 09-13 20:29


Please tell us the length of the props you want. 
2020-09-11 09:23
Thought id make a suggestion and was wondering if you could make this character. Here are some links of the character that i could find.

CosplayFu ( 09-13 20:38

2020-09-11 04:30
Hello, I need the wig and the swimsuit with the hair accessories for this character

CosplayFu ( 09-13 20:53

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